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The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    1. Brooklyn Water Bagels – Delray Beach, Florida

    Brooklyn Water Bagels is a Florida-based bagel restaurant that serves the state’s deserving population. The establishment boasts that its bagels are “crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside” because of the “special water” it employs to replicate the water found in Brooklyn’s faucets. We’re not sure how much difference it makes whether the kind of water is used to boil the bagels, but we appreciate the restaurant’s effort to provide its patrons with the greatest possible experience. Customers will tell you that your hard work is appreciated.

    The finest bagel I’ve had in a long time” said one TripAdvisor reviewer. Superb, on par with the best in New York City. I enjoy that when you purchase a dozen, they cut them for you, too; the staff here are true “bagel pros.” Delray Beach, Florida is quite a distance from New York, so we’re sure locals are relieved to have access to the greatest bagels without leaving the Sunshine State.

    2. Rosenberg’s – Denver, Colorado

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen in Denver is the best place to get high-end bagels in the Mile High City. You can have a memorable breakfast here, and it’s a fun location to hang out on the weekend with your pals. When you see the bagel selection, you’ll know why this place is among the finest in the country. Sandwiches piled high with all the tastiest bagel toppings possible are what they specialize in here, not just bagels.

    The Heart Attack, loaded with meats including bacon, sausage, ham, and fried eggs, as well as cheddar and American cheeses, is available for individuals who aren’t limited by any dietary concerns. It’s all served atop an everything bagel of the highest quality, which will leave you wanting more. We like The Frenchie because it has a certain sweetness that sets it apart from other bagel sandwiches. However, the Wings of Pastrami should be your first pick if you’re looking for something a little out of the norm. How exciting is it to have a pastrami omelet on a bagel of your choosing?

    3. Bagel Hole – Brooklyn, New York

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    You want the crunchiest bagels, right? Brooklyn, New York is where it’s at; you weren’t surprised, were you? We’re pleased to include Bagel Hole, one of the city’s finest locations for high-quality bagels, on our shortlist. The store bills itself as “one of the few remaining old-fashioned bagel bakeries,” and Serious Eats has named its bagels the best in New York City. This must be good news, right?

    Try one of their bagels, and I guarantee you won’t be let down. It’s as if they were waiting for you to come through the door before they made these things; they’re that fresh. You may have your bagel topped with everything from scrambled eggs to lox. And the best thing is… You don’t have to go into debt just to satisfy your morning need for carbohydrates, since these bagels are really cheap. In an ideal world, we’d be able to wake up to the smell of fresh bagels baking from here every morning.

    4. Proper Bagel – Nashville, Tennessee

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    We really like the simple charm of some of the places on our list, where you can get excellent bagels without any frills. Some, like the Nashville branch of Proper Bagel, though, are trying for a hipper, more contemporary feel, and they’re succeeding in the Music City. At this restaurant, you may have a bagel with avocado and egg or rosemary garlic cream cheese on top, plus a side of microgreens or sweet potato mash to make you feel less guilty about devouring the bagel in record time.

    There are a wide variety of bagels and bespoke cream cheese combinations to choose from, from tried-and-true favorites like scallion dill to more outlandish concoctions like lavender honey or cookie dough cream cheese. You can’t go wrong with a rosewater Greek yogurt and granola breakfast with your bagel. New Yorkers jaded by their favorite corner bagel store may be dissatisfied, but those looking for something fancier will be impressed.

    5. Rise Bagel Co. – Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    Minneapolis’s Rise Bagel Co. is really serious about its bagels. The bagels, as advertised on the company’s website, are freshly baked, expertly boiled, and have the ideal chewy-crisp texture. In addition, all of the components in their bagels are all-natural and organic, so you know exactly what’s going into your breakfast. The store first appeared at a local farmers market but has now expanded to become a popular brick-and-mortar bagel spot.

    There are various types of bagels and cream cheese to choose from if you just want to keep things simple. Some of the more interesting tastes are lemon dill, salted maple, and honey rosemary. A sandwich may be a good alternative if you’re looking for something heartier. If you don’t eat or use any items derived from animals, you’ll have a lot of alternatives at Rise.

    6. Kaufman’s Bagel and Delicatessen – Skokie, Illinois

    The Supreme Quality Among All American Bagels

    Who knew that Skokie, Illinois, has some of the greatest bagels in the United States? You can find them, but only at Kaufman’s Bagel and Delicatessen. The first thing you need to know is that they have more than simply bagels here. Given that it is a deli, you should not limit yourself to only the morning selections. When we saw chopped liver on the menu, we knew it was a good sign. If the liver is your thing, you should eat here.

    7. BB’s Bagels – Alpharetta, Georgia

    What’s the one thing that really sticks out about BB’s Bagels in Alpharetta, GA? The multicolored bagels are the only option. Brightly colored and marbled to seem as enchanted as possible, they are sure to be a hit with youngsters of all ages. Although first impressions may suggest otherwise, BB’s is not just a surface-level shop. The menu at this bagel shop shows that they aim to please all of their clients. You can go all out with a rainbow bagel and tuna salad, or keep it simple with a sesame bagel and a single egg; either way, this spot has you covered.

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