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10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    1. Tortas hamburguesas

    Tortas hamburguesas are the Mexican interpretation of the hamburger. The sandwich is comprised of divided and toasted bread buns containing a beef patty, cheese, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, and coriander sprigs. There are several variants of tortas hamburguesas, so if desired, the sandwich may also contain spicy sauce and jalapenos.

    2. Torta de la Barda

    10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    Tampico is the birthplace of the traditional Mexican sandwich torta de la banda. Depending on the region, the foundation is a crusty white bread pastry called telera, bolillo, pan blanco, birote, or pan francés.

    The rolls contain shredded beef, pork skins in green salsa, refried beans, pork cheese head, thinly sliced ham, cheese, tomatoes, scallions, avocado segments, and Mexican chorizo. Because it was originally sold to marine and railway station employees in the early 1930s from tiny booths set up along the fence (Barda) of the Tampico Marine Terminal and near the train station, the sandwich contains a large number of ingredients.

    3. Empalme

    Empalme is a Mexican sandwich composed of two maize tortillas coated with tallow and stuffed with refried beans and tomato salsa. Additionally, flavorful fillings, chorizo, spicy chile peppers, and queso fresco may be added to the dish. The sandwich is a delicacy of the Mexican state of Nuevo León and has been compared to layered enchiladas and Mexican pizza.

    With its robust flavors and pork fat that distinguishes it from similar dishes, empalme will continue to be a fixture of Mexican street cuisine.

    4. Torta de tamal

    10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    Torta de tamal or guajolota is a common breakfast street delicacy in Mexico comprised of a soft bolillo roll (or telera bread) stuffed with tamal.

    The Oaxacan-style tamal, for instance, is typically loaded with mole negro and poultry shreds, but there are many other types of tamal. Various condiments, cheeses, and other ingredients are frequently added to tamales.

    5. Torta Cubana

    Torta Cubana is a Mexican sandwich stuffed with a variety of meats and condiments that varies from vendor to vendor. In the 1950s, a cantina cook on Calle Republica de Cuba in Mexico City began serving tortas with whatever ingredients were available.

    The sandwich acquired popularity rapidly and was named after the street where it was first prepared. Torta Cubana is not to be confused with the well-known Cubano sandwich, despite their comparable titles.

    6. Pambazo

    10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    Pambazo is the name of both a type of Mexican bread and a sandwich prepared with that bread. It derives its name from pan basso, a bread restricted for the lower strata throughout history. Commonly, the bread is dunked in a fiery pepper-onion-garlic sauce known as guajillo, giving the sandwich its distinctive, vibrant orange hue.

    Typically, the sandwich contains ingredients such as potatoes, refried beans, avocado segments, poultry, and chorizo sausage; however, during Lent, street vendors frequently substitute the meat for cheese. Pambazos are particularly popular in Puebla and Veracruz, and it is said that they make an excellent light entrée, especially when served alongside a freshly prepared salad.

    7. Torta ahogada

    Torta ahogada is Guadalajara’s signature sandwich. It consists of a salted, crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside bun filled with pork and doused in a fiery salsa made from vinegar, cumin, and chile de árbol spice. The sandwich is subsequently stuffed with scallions, tomato-garlic salsa, and lime juice.

    It was devised in the early 1900s and is now a common dish for curing hangovers, typically sold from small stands on street corners and in bustling urban areas.

    8. Cemita

    Cemita is a popular Mexican sandwich that originated in Puebla. It consists of a fresh, sesame-seed-studded bun filled with shredded cheese, avocado slices, pickled jalapenos, papal (an herb with a distinctive flavor), and fried pork, beef, or chicken cutlets.

    Additionally, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise can be used to assemble the sandwich. The term cemita applies to both the bread and the sandwich.

    9. Mollete (Mexico)

    10 Most Popular Mexican Sandwiches

    Mollete is a traditional northern Mexican sandwich composed of a bolillo bread bun served with refried beans, cheddar, and tomato salsa. It can be found in numerous coffee stores, restaurants, and street food stands throughout Mexico.

    The origins of the sandwich can be traced to Andalusia, Spain, where molletes refers to a rustic, oval-shaped bread that has been a brunch mainstay for decades. The Spanish version, on the other hand, is served with olive oil, tomato, and garlic. Sometimes referred to as a distant relative of the Italian bruschetta, molletes are frequently served with pico de gallo and bacon and mushroom toppings in the southern regions of Mexico.

    10. Tortas 

    Mexican tortas are scrumptious, traditional sandwiches stuffed primarily with authentic Mexican ingredients. The fact that they are presented in bread rolls, an ingredient that is not typically associated with Mexico, makes them a unique Mexican creation.

    Tortas typically include two types of bread: the traditional French-influenced bolillos and the comparable round terms, which are authentic Puebla-based Mexican products. The rolls are divided longitudinally, buttered, and stuffed with the most popular Mexican ingredients, including beans, avocados, ham, queso, jalapenos, and a variety of other traditional Mexican dishes, such as fried beef or poultry, shredded beef, roasted pork, and even tamales.

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